London Conference 2015

The Annual Conference 2015 was held on Wednesday 16th September 2015 at One Great George Street, London, England. 
The event was attended by over 85 delegates from various EU Member Sates. 


Chief Constable Paul Crowther from British Transport Police opened the Conference, with Steve Welsh from the National Crime Agency and Darren Gough from BTP assisted in hosting the event.


This was followed by a first set of presentations by. (Agenda)


Jose Pires - Union of International Railways (UIC) (Click here)
Chief Supt McBride - British Transport Police. (Click Here)
Steve McCormilla - UK Power Networks (Click Here)
Darren Gough - British Transport Police

After Lunch the Portuguese delegation shared their experiences on Metal Theft with presentations from Dr Sonia Sanfona from PSAT (Click here) 
and LC Joao Nascimento from the GNR 
(Click here) 



A second set of presentations were delivered by:
Anna Havlova - CER (Click here)
Simon Rhodes - Met Police (Click here)
Gary Pettengell - Empowering Communities (Click here)
Emma Kelly - National Crime Agency (Click here)

The presentation was closed by the Project Director Steve Welsh who thanked all attendees and thanked the partners for the success of Pol-PRIMETT II. 

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